Fonebox - Telephone/Electric Combination Junction Box

All wireless telephones, answering machines or combinations thereof require both a telephone line and a transformer to conver AC current from an outlet to DC current used by the devices. These connections create an unsightly mess on the wall of every highly designed environment, where appliances such as TVs, refridgerators, etc. (even the coffee maker) is "built-in". Furthermore, installing a phone on typical wall outlets is usually difficult, and the DSL filter, cover plate, and space for the telephone's AC plug and cable within a regular size electrical junction box. Typical wall construction with regularly-spaced 2×4 studs and gypsum board creates a 3.5" hollow space in the walls, allowing the Wire Wrangler to be easily installed during new construction or as a simple alteration inserted into existing drywalls.

  1. Cover Plate
  2. AC Plug (From Phone)
  3. Cover Frame
  4. Horizontal Divider
  5. DSL Filter
  6. AC Outlet
  7. Junction Box